Bourbon Penn issue 9 is live

In the first days of February, Bourbon Penn issue 9 was released, with my graphic „The Lider” as a coverart. Bourbon Penn is a print and online magazine, published in the U.S. featuring stories of imagination and the odd. We … Czytaj dalej

тёмные искусства

On Russian website, dedicated to the art „Art Assorty” was published a short article about my drawings, entitled: „Jacek Kaczynski тёмные искусства” (eng. Jacek Kaczyński Dark Art) In fact, the article dates back about a year but I have not … Czytaj dalej

Szortal na wynos

Cover for „Szortal na wynos” – Polish e-magazine dedicated to short literary forms. Okładka, którą popełniłem dla „Szortalu na wynos” – ukazujacego się w formie elektronicznej miesięcznika, poświęconego małym formom literackm.         Numer listopadowy można pobrać tu: Szortal … Czytaj dalej

This is cool

In this days, on the website „This is cool”, dedicated to a  Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Art, has been published a short note and quite a few of my graphics. Thanks guys … Czytaj dalej