Bourbon Penn issue 9 is live

Bourbon Penn Issue 9 CoverIn the first days of February, Bourbon Penn issue 9
was released, with my graphic „The Lider” as a coverart.

Bourbon Penn is a print and online magazine,
published in the U.S. featuring stories of imagination
and the odd.

We love odd stories and a wild imagination… is not it?



Bourbon Penn issue 9 you can see here.

тёмные искусства

On Russian website, dedicated to the art „Art Assorty”
was published a short article about my drawings, entitled:
„Jacek Kaczynski тёмные искусства” (eng. Jacek Kaczyński Dark Art)
In fact, the article dates back about a year but I have not found it earlier.
It is in russian but I still remember some of the lessons.

It’s a nice surprise, the more that the autor, signed as „blincov”, presents
an interesting (I think so) interpretation of the products of my sleepless nights.
Many observations was quite surprising for me, but still interesting.

It’s always interesting to be able to see your own work with other people’s eyes.

You can read the article (russian) here.

Thank you Mr. blincov


Szortal na wynos


Okładka „Szortal na wynos” Listopad 2013

Cover for „Szortal na wynos” – Polish e-magazine
dedicated to short literary forms.

Okładka, którą popełniłem dla
Szortalu na wynos” – ukazujacego się
w formie elektronicznej miesięcznika,
poświęconego małym formom literackm.





Numer listopadowy można pobrać tu: Szortal na wynos, Listopad 2013


This is cool

In this days, on the website „This is cool”,
dedicated to a  Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Art,
has been published a short note and quite
a few of my graphics.

Thanks guys